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Silver Claddagh & Celtic Knot Band

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    The Claddagh Ring is a famous friendship ring originating from the Claddagh village that is located just outside the old walls of Galway city. The Claddagh design was first fashioned into the traditional ring in the 17th Century.

    The ring's design features two hands clasping a heart topped by a crown. The elements of this symbol are often said to correspond to the qualities of friendship (the hands), loyalty (the crown) and love (the heart).

    The ring worn on the right hand, with the crown turned inward, tells that your heart is available - but when worn with the crown turned outward reveals love is being considered. When worn on the left hand with the crown turned outward the Claddagh declares that your heart is spoken for.

    Our Celtic Knotwork & Claddagh Band combines the timeless Claddagh symbol with traditional Celtic knotwork to form a ring that is pure Irish style.

    Specifications :

    Metal : Nickel-Free .925 Sterling Silver
    Width : 5/16 Inch